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Mdm Ong Poh Ling, 44 years old, Malaysian housewife, married to a F & B expatriate, has 3 children. She stayed in Hong Kong, China, Switzerland and Singapore, each country for about 1 to 2 years.

She enjoys local food, kueh, dim sum, cakes, etc., but during her husband 10 years overseas assignment, it is hard to find local dishes that she and family missed, so she decided to learn and made herself.

When her husband got assigned in Singapore, she is very happy, she took up a few professional culinary courses in Singapore and before she left for Japan she came to know us, and signed up professional Hong Kong Dim Sim course & professional cake decoration with us in May 2010.

When she showed her culinary ex-classmates the pictures of cake decoration jobs she did in our training centre, they were impressed!

When she baked, decorated and entertained her guests, relatives and friends they admired and enjoyed her creations.

She felt great! She thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and she is now baking with more confidence.

Teacher comments: Poh Ling is hardworking and serious about upgrading her culinary skill. Keep it up!

Rinda Andioni, 25 years old, Indonesian, she joined our professional cake decorartion course, and managed to finish this course within 1 1/2 month, her family intends to set up a bakery shop in Indonesia.
Ms. Nguyen Lam Huong, 39 years old, Vietnamese businesswoman, she took professional course to diversify her business.
"I really enjoyed my Hong Kong dim sum classes at Jia Lei. Not Only I got to taste the delicious dim sum, but I also got to enjoy the company of teachers who are so fun and very passionate about their craft. Their love for cooking is infectious and they inject a lot of humor in their classes. What adds a lot of value to the classes besides their perfected, mouthwatering recipes are their endless tips on dim sum and they allow you to repeat dishes until you get it right, which to me, elevates the whole learning experience. Dim sum is not only delicious, but it is an art in itself. I'm so glad I took the lessons at Jia Lei."

Feedback from Maia Tyche King-Calvo
Professional Hong Kong Dim Sum course student
Michael Sio, 38 years old, assistant chef from Culinary school in Philippines. He is impressed with our culinary skill and came Singapore to took professional bread making and professional cake making course to upgrade himself on May 10.
Suzanne Lauren Lee, 27 years old, Filipino, she completed professional Hong Kong Dim Sum course with us May 10, before she graduate from NTU and went back to Philippines.
"I have completed my 2 courses which are the Professional Bread and Cake making course. I'm very pleased and happy that I have joined this training centre. I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers who gave me the possibility complete this course. I express my deepest gratitude to Ms Bong, Ms Tan and Priscilla for their constant reminders and much needed motivation. I'm very grateful to them for their unwavering support ,and patience in teaching me during the entire course, also for the understanding and consideration. The School has really taught students well, using their professional culinary attitude in grooming all their students. No matter how slow and difficult for them to teach their students they always never give up on them, using various methods and solution to teach making sure the student understand and absorb the knowledge at the end of the class. Using all normal ingredients that you are able to find in any shops transforming them into beautiful and tasteful dishes. I really have a wonderful time and learning session with them. I'll definitely go back for more professional courses in the future, All the best to all of them and the training centre!!"

Feedback from Vincent Ng, 23 years old, Singaporean, Head Chef.
"The course was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed learning from very experienced teachers. For me, this course like a private course where I had focused attention from the teachers. I had taken other courses in Europe. By far, JiaLei's course is the best learning experience. What I most appreciate are the extra days provided to me to practice, apply and reinforce what I learned. I have been practicing the recipes and they work very well. I will keep in touch and let you know about the new creations I will invent. I hope in the future, I will have another chance to take another course from JiaLei.
Please give my thanks and greetings to my teachers."

Feedback from Ali Kaya, 26 years old, Switzerland.
Ms Huynh Thao, 36 years old, businesswoman, French.

She completed our professional Hong Kong Dim Sum course in Sept 10.
"Jia Lei teachers were great there one on one training lets you learn at your pace, the dim sum course was great, learning was fun and easy and yet very, i made friends and learned some new skills and being a chef you must always continue to learn and ms bong does teach you a lot of new things,

Regards Ricky Vu
Baker Pastry Chef /
Head Chef at the menu"

Feedback from Mr Ricky Vu, 38 years old, Australian, Head Chef at the menu.

He completed our professional Hong Kong Dim Sum Course on August 10.

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